The Guide to Make Great Webinar

For those of you that like to teach and lecture, why not do it online and get paid for it? Webinar is a great way to do that. Webinar is a seminar done over the internet. It can be a fun project if done right. Here are some simple steps to make it successful:

  • Choose your team
  • Decide on format
  • Select a webinar platform
  • Choose a location, date and time
  • Decide topic 
  • Practice
  • Follow up with attendees
  • Promote an offer or product

We’ll go through each one step by step.

Choose Your team

choose your team

This doesn’t mean you can’t start a webinar alone, but…. Why do that? Starting a webinar will prove less complicated if you can do it with a team. There are several aspects that go into doing a webinar. There are tasks like presenting the lecture, communicating with attendees, organizing webinar content and solving technical problems if they occur. Why put all these tasks onto yourself when you can create a team to divide the load equally? Developing a team can not only make things easier but can prove to be more fun.

Decide on Format

Before you can present in your webinar, you have to decide what format to use. Some suggestions of formats are single speaker, Q&A, panel discussion and interview. In a single speaker format, there is one speaker doing a presentation. A Q&A is where the audience can ask the speaker questions. In a panel discussion, there are multiple speakers presenting. Finally a interview has an interviewer asking an expert of the topic chosen a series of questions. These are just a few examples, but you should find the format that suits you.

Select a Webinar Platform


Now that you know what kind of webinar you are doing, next is to figure out what you will do it on. Adobe Connect, WebEx and ClickMeeting are platforms to look into and consider. These web services are all platforms that allow you to set up online meetings, video conferences and general presentations.  

Choose a Location, Date and Time


In order to have an uninterrupted webinar, you’ll need a quiet place to conduct it. Consider a conference room, vacant office or any other place which will be free from background noise and interruptions. Choose the right day and time to promote and invite people to your event is key to getting a big audience. According to data collected by GoToWebinars in 2017, the best day to promote your webinar is Tuesday and the best time is 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Decide Topic

Just like blogs, vlogs and websites, you choose what your webinar is about. Make sure the topic will inform and motivate attendees. If the subject matter calls for it, you can even invite guest speakers. Make sure your subject is very specific, but also a topic you can talk a lot about.


Before doing your live webinar, you should do a practice run. Make sure you are comfortable and confident about how you are going to present. Inform other speakers or guest speakers about the rundown of the presentation.  A test run can help to make things go smooth for the real go a round.

Follow Up with Attendees

Check up on attendees shortly after the webinar. Following up will go a long way in encouraging the audience to attend future events of yours.

Promote an Offer or Product

If attendees have more questions after, then that works great for you. It can be a good way to sell further lessons or teachings on the topic of the webinar. If you have a book, tool or an offer on future webinars you can promote it in your current webinar.

Hope this answered any questions you had on starting up a webinar.

Written by Andrew Whyte

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