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Online Courses, How to Enroll and Start Learning

The use of technology helps us exchange communication and knowledge. The establishment of online education makes it so you can learn straight from your home. Online education has been set up to allow students to study and pursue their academic goals without having to be physical present in a campus. Taking online courses is affordable, convenient and effective in getting the degree and knowledge that you need. Online education is also easy to use. This is a tutorial to show you how to join an online course. The simple six steps are:

  • Search for source
  • Create account
  • Find online course
  • Research online course
  • Enroll in a program
  • Follow remaining directions

Search For Source

online courses

First go on the internet and find which online education program you want to use. The cost and course offers differ depending on the program. On Lifehack you can find popular free online programs like Edx, Coursera, Khan Academy and many more. Coursera is a website that partnered with colleges to offer free online courses from many universities, museums and trusts. Edx offers a wide range of topics to enroll to from different schools. Khan Academy offers a easy to use interface with in depth lessons on subjects.

Create Account

On the program website, you will have to create account. Some programs make it so you have to make an account from scratch. Other programs allow you to link your social media account to your education program.

Find Online Course

Once you pick an online program, next is to pick a course. In the online education website you can search up different online courses and pick one that in on the subject you want. Most online programs offer over hundreds of courses.

Research Online Course

research courses

You may have to do deeper research on an online course. Programs can offer several courses on one subject. When you find a course, you should research it further to make sure it will go over things that you want.

Enroll in a Program


Next, when you find the course right for you, enroll in it. For the most part, when you find an online course, it will show a description of the course and also a button that says something like “Enroll” or “Join Course.” Click the button to confirm your participation.

Follow Remaining Directions

From there, simply follow the remaining instructions that the course provides for you.

Written by Andrew Whyte

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