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Legit Methods to Start earning a handsome income online

It’s no secret that the online world is taking over most people’s lives. Most people now spend most of their time on the internet and/or with technology. The internet simply makes activities faster and easier to perform. With technology, individuals communicate, create, organize, play and travel better than ever before. Living the online life just keeps getting more comfortable and pleasant that you can even learn and work right from behind your computer screen.


Living the Online Life of Learning

Living the online life education

So obviously you may be asking yourself what is online learning. And the answer is actually as simple as it sounds. Online learning or online education is also referred to as e-learning is simply getting an education online without the need to even step foot in a school or university. That’s right! Nowadays, getting an education from the comfort of your own home is as easy as one, two, three. People do so many things through the use of technology, it only makes sense that getting an education online would be an option as well. By utilizing electronics, you can study, learn and get the college credits you need all while being in a virtual classroom. So now society is made up of traditional and virtual classrooms. Obviously, with traditional classrooms, there is the physical, personal connections you can’t get living the online life. However, online learning does have its benefits such as:

  • Huge variety of courses
  • Lower costs
  • More comfort
  • Convenience
  • Easier credit transfer
  • Improved technical skills
  • Continuation of profession

Variety of Courses and Classes

Traditional universities and colleges offer students many programs and courses to take. However, to get the most out of their experience students most follow a specific plan after choose their program and stick with it. In traditional classrooms, changing your program in the middle of the process can make your time in college a lot longer. Taking classes online, however, is a little different. Because you are taking classes online, you can pick a variety of classes and do them at your own pace. You can choose if you want to take just one class or multiple and apply for it whenever you are ready. One will not have to stay with a certain set of courses when doing online learning. You can jump to however courses you feel will interest you from sociology to neuroscience.

Take it at a Lower Cost

Living the online life can also be less expensive. Merchandise is often sold at a lower price online and college courses are no difference. Although not all degrees offered online are less expensive, online learning has still proven to be more affordable overall. Not only are courses and degrees cheaper, but think the expenses that are associated with traditional education that you wouldn’t have to worry about. Expenses like commuting, dorming, school supplies or sometimes textbooks would all be things that you would not have to concern yourself with if you were to take online courses. Not to mention there are even some courses online that are completely free.

Learning from the Comfort of Home

Let’s be honest here: there are some of us that just don’t like the whole classroom scene. It can sometimes be hard to do your best in a room filled with complete strangers. There are many activities that a traditional classroom has you do with people that you may not want to do like icebreakers, group projects, and public speaking. This can do frightening for some and just plain pointless for others. Through online learning, that problem goes straight out the window. You can do your work and study within your own home or anywhere else you feel more comfortable. Living the online life you don’t have to worry about a stuffy classroom, an uncomfortable chair or look at the clock to see when you will be allowed to get up and move. Through getting an education from your computer you can stay relaxed and in turn be more effective in your studies.

What It’s All About: Convenience

Think about it. You can wake up in the afternoon, keep your pajamas on, go to your computer and boom, you’re in class. That is the world people live in now. You don’t have to worry about dragging yourself out of bed nor worry about getting stuck in traffic while commuting. Not only that but this convenience also give students the ability to plan their study time. Students who take online classes can decide when to do their online study. Some may want to do it in the morning, afternoon or at night. This opportunity is not only convenience but also safer. Traditional college courses mostly takes place in the winter where snowstorms, thunderstorms and all sorts of bad weather takes place. Colleges sometimes cancel classes due to bad weather to not put commuting students at risk. Online courses makes it so you avoid commuting altogether. Bad weather can cause you to miss important class sessions, but online classes you can participate in rain or shine.

Credit Transfer the Easy Way

College credit transfer can sometimes be tricky and complex. Different colleges have different rules and regulations for how the process works. Some colleges may even tell you that it wouldn’t accept your credits at all. Once again, online learning shines through better in this category as well. You can spend your time researching a college you wish to get your degree from, then get a list of online courses they accept credits from. By doing things this way you will know what online credits a college will accept before even taking the courses. Students can take online classes from an accredited college and later on transfer those credits to their primary college. And this is some time that can be done year around. So you can still earn college credits in the summer while still enjoy your vacation.

Getting Technical

Of course, living the online life will always improve one thing whether you know it or not: your technical skills. So through online education not only are you learning about whatever course you selected but also improving your skills of operating a computer. So college courses may ask you to use computer programs that you may not have even heard of before. This is a big plus for college students because there are many jobs out there that ask applicants to have certain technical skills. In today’s world, improve your technical skills can only be more beneficial for you.

Work or Study? Why Not Both?

For many people, college might not have been an option for them. Sometimes, life throws too many responsibilities at you that you have to make a choice of what path you will take. Some people want to focus on their studies before getting a job while others have too much going on at their job that they feel they have no time to drive to and sit in a classroom. Nowadays, you have the opportunity to try both. With all these benefits online education offers you comfort, convenience and affordability, a person can continue their profession while also taking classes right from home in their spare time. This way you don’t have to worry about your commute between work and college. Through online courses, you can work on getting your degree at your own pace while also keeping your current job. But wait, there’s more! Not only would online courses allow you to continue with your current job, but it can also help you advance your career.

Online education can help you get a degree faster and allow you to take courses that your job may require you to know in order to move up on the ladder. Online education can allow you the opportunity to make your resume look even better without actually having to put your current job on hold. It allows you to get straight to what you need. In traditional colleges you may have to take classes that don’t necessarily benefit you, but simply because that is the rules of the college. However online learning you can go directly to courses that you know your career is looking for, complete it and bring yourself closer to the job or position you truly want.

The Opportunities are Endless

Living the online life gives you a wide range of opportunities which you have a lot to think about. Choosing to take online courses is one thing, but then you have to decide how or what way you will do this. With online education, there is much, much to consider. The best way to break down online platforms is in two broad types:

  • Synchronous Online Learning
  • Asynchronous Online Learning

Synchronous E-Learning

Synchronous, to put it simply, means at the same time. So synchronous e-learning is the interaction of participants with an instructor in real-time. Synchronous learning is literally a classroom taken on the web. This is done by students interacting with other students and teachers interacting through things like online chat and video conferences. Synchronous e-Learning also gives students to record and playback the sessions. Examples of synchronous e-Learning platforms are Docebo, Thought Industries, and Mindflash LMS.

Asynchronous E-Learning

Asynchronous is the exact opposite. So asynchronous e-Learning is the students carrying out their work offline. This is online learning that happens without live interaction of instructor and other students. Asynchronous e-Learning involves students doing work at their own pace. Students send in coursework through methods like email and message boards. The advantage of this kind of e-Learning offers the learners the information they need whenever they need it. Examples of asynchronous e-Learning platforms are LearnUpon LMS, CoreAchieve and EduMe.

Living the Online Life of Business

Living the online life working

Not only can you learn online, but you can also work online as well. Working online means that you have a job that you can do from home. These days there are many jobs and employments that are done online. Just like online learning, online work has many similar benefits like convenience, comfort and a chance to improve technical skills. Online work does not just pertain to standard employments. These are ways to make online earnings:

  • Work through Apps
  • Start a blog
  • Create a website
  • Sell your stuff
  • Lead a webinar
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • V-logging
  • Freelance

Apps, Apps, Apps

App or application is a program that you can download usually on your mobile device. They are pretty much the future of how we do things because there are apps for many different functionalities. There are apps used to play games, store data, buy products, communicate, manage accounts and so on. So it should be no shock that you can use apps to make money as well. There are two big ways to do this: download a money-making app or create your own app.

You can use apps that allow you to make money the more you do a certain task. For example, the drop app allow you to earn gift cards when you shop online. There are also apps like iPoll and Surveys On the Go that paid you simply for completing surveys. The other way of app money-making is creating your own app. This method is one more suitable for programmers and those that are tech-savvy. However, this is not something that has to be done alone. There are many elements that go into making an app so creating one is something that can be done by one person or as a team. Some popular apps are not even as difficult or as complex as you may think. Sometimes the simplest apps can become the most addictive.

About the Blog

Blogging does not just have to be a hobby. It can be a great way to make money. The first and most important thing is to establish yourself within the community. Make yourself an icon by advertising and spreading the word about your blog. Another important thing to do is that whatever content your blog is about to make sure that you display it in an interesting or useful way that it attracts visitors. Once your blog is popular and becomes a go-to hub and can make money in different ways. Ad companies will want to pay you to put their ads on your blog. Another way is through income streams. You can offer services through your blog that people will be willing to pay for.

Go to WWW.

Similar to starting your own blog, you can start your own website. There are many websites like Wix and WordPress that can be used to build your website. Once your website is built, similar to a blog, you have to build up the popularity of your site and bring traffic to your site. Depending on what your site is about you can make money in different ways through your site. You create and sell products like art and designs on your site. Starting a patron and accepting donations from people that visit your site is also a way to go. You can go to Websitesetup to find even more ways to make money through a website.

Selling Stuff

Selling your stuff online is just as easy if not easier as selling your stuff in real life. You can sell or rent out stuff that you own or things that you created. People are always online looking for things to buy. As long as your products are useful or entertaining you should be able to find a buyer. Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t necessarily need to create your own website or blog to sell things. There are many sites up already that you can post your products on display. Some of these sites are Amazon, eBay and Craigslist.

Lead a Webinar

A webinar is a seminar done online. If you have good teaching skills or a subject matter that you are very knowledgeable about than this may be the right choice for you. This can be a great way to not only make money but to spread important information about something through a presentation or lesson. This webinar also be about anything as long as people are willing to listen. You can give lessons on cooking, drawing, playing an instrument and etc. Plan out what you wish to talk about, how you will present your lesson and get ready to record.

Help Us, Help You

Affiliate marketing is an online sales tactic that lets a product owner increase sales by allowing others targeting the same audience to earn a commission by recommending the owner’s product to said audience. This sales method is a model used by many ad companies. This is a great method of how many bloggers and website owners make their income. The key thing about affiliate marketing is to recommend a product. Choose what you wish to support and recommend it to your audience. By doing this you are more likely to get the attention of an ad company that will be willing to cut a deal with you.


Many people that make money online do it by creating their own stuff online. Bloggers, website owners and now vloggers all create their own content. Vlogs are online accounts where a person post short videos. Vlogs which is short for video blogs can make you money in similar ways. As your vlogs become more and more popular, you will have better opportunities to make money through it. YouTube is a popular site used to create vlogs.

Sell Your Creativity

Freelance is for those who are more on the creative side of things. Freelance is the process of working for different employers or companies at different times and is not permanent. Freelancers are nomads of the business world. They sell their ideas, creations, and services to clients and employers that they come into contact with. Freelancers usually considers of writers, artists, designers, and performers. There are both pros and cons of being a freelancer. The good thing is that you are your own boss. You decide when you work and which client you take on. However, since your deals and commitments are not permanent that means that you will not have a stable income. You have to make sure that you keep getting more and more clients. With that being said working online makes freelancing a more effective career choice.


Do’s and Don’ts of Online Freelancing

Speaking of freelancing, you have to be a little careful about how you do it. Even though it is very rewarding, it isn’t great if you go about it the wrong way. Freelancing can feel like a 50/50 split. You can either succeed or fail, there is no in-between. That’s why in order to get the better half, let’s go over the do’s and don’ts of freelancing.


Know Time is Precious – By “time” this is referring to your time of course. Know that your time is valuable. Even as a beginner, manage your time properly. Do not let even jobs or clients waste your time because they may think you have nothing better to do.

Know You Need a Contract – Do not make a deal with a client without getting something down in writing. You don’t want anyone to scam you in this line of work. People can be tricky.

Work on Rep – Build up your Reputation. As we discussed earlier there are a lot of online options to promote yourself. Do whatever you can to spread the word on what you can do and what you’re all about.

Research Clients – Before accepting a deal with a client, it is important that you know a little about a said client. You don’t want a client that is impossible to deal with or won’t actually pay you.

Require Down Payment for Your Services – This is down payment is more so a precaution. You never know what will happen during your employment. So in case, you have done your job, but something happens at least you got paid once.


Forget You Don’t Have a Steady Income – Freelancing is something where management and diligent are everything. You will not have a steady income so make sure to be always getting new clients.

Create Amateur Agreements – This goes back to making sure that you have a written contract. People will try to get out of paying you if they can. So don’t settle with a verbal agreement or one written on a napkin.

Abuse the Privilege of Being Your Own Boss – Don’t get a swelled head. Just because you work for yourself doesn’t mean that you can relax. The fact that you have no one rushing you means that you might not be as discipline with things as you should be.

Accept Clients that can’t Afford it – Obviously, you are a freelancer who wants to make money. Yes, it is nice to know that there are people interested in your work and services, but still, the goal is to make money. And people that can’t afford your prices will not help with that goal.


Best of Online Money-Making

Making money online

Overall, living the online life of money-earning can be a really great thing. Not only do you have a lot of options in your field of online work, but there are many benefits of online working. Living the online life is without a doubt changing the working place. Even companies have created departments and positions where employees can work remote. Here are some of the advantages of online working:

  • Quality of Life
  • Being Self-employed
  • Less monthly expenses
  • No traffic jams
  • Wake at your leisure

Quality of Life

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to work from home. The internet gives you that chance and it can give you a good mood type of feel. That’s why online working can be less stressful than working in an office. After all, home is a place where you should feel at peace and comfortable. Working at an office can make you feel anxious and pressured. Working online also allows for more family time. Many parents don’t see their own kids much because they are always working. However, being able to work from home would change all that. Online working gives you the opportunity to work and be with your family at the same place. These are the quality of life changes you would get with online earning.

You’re the Boss!

Speaking of stress, it can be pretty stressful to always have to answer to a manager or supervisor. Working online means that you set your own rules, schedules, and work. The only person on top of you is you. You must be disciplined and organized to do this, but it’s nice to know that no one will be yelling at you to get something done.

Save Money

Work from home is also cheaper than traditional working. Not only will you be saving money not having to drive miles to get to your work site, but you are also saving money on food. At the workplace, you are often tempted to buy lunch or a snack from a vending machine. At first, it may seem like no big deal. However, think about it, what if you are buying something every week or every day. That money will build up. You will end up spending a lot more than you should, not to mention you will want something quick so you may end up getting fast or junk food. So not only will you be spending money, but you’ll be spending money on unhealthy things.

No Jams

Speaking of saving money on gas, you also don’t have to worry about lateness. Early drives to work are filled with crowded highways and traffic jams. It is annoying spending the first hours of your day sitting in your car hoping that you’d be on time at work. Not to mention people can be aggressive when racing to get to work. The chances of getting into an accident are higher than usual at that time. So not only will go to work mean that you might be late, but you also may have to report absent because of an accident or car troubles.

At Your Leisure

Not everyone is a morning person. In fact, some people are more energetic or do their best work at night. Working from home means that you don’t have to wake up at a specific time. You can wake up whenever you want and do your work when you are at your best. Living the online life proves once again to be very relaxing. 


Online Success

Online working would not be worth it if you got nothing out of it. Obviously, to get something out of it, you have to put in the work. Here are some stories of how well people are doing with living the online life.

On Careershifters, you can find stories about people would found success working in the online world. For example, Natasha Minto was an account manager. She worked in a financial service industry. She realized that she didn’t like her humdrum career and wanted to change. Eventually, Natasha became a social media executive. Click here to see more.

On Forbes, there is an article about a young entrepreneur making it in the online lifestyle. Sabrina Philipp started a successful online business which she makes a six-figure income. Sabrina made a big name for herself living the online life. Click here to see more.


It’s a Scam

As good as online jobs can be, there are also some bad that come with it. Living the online life can actually be a scam when it comes to jobs. After all, anyone can write what looks to be a professional job description and find a way to put it up on a job searching website. As much as online work can be more relaxing and less stress, it is also something you have to be very cautious of. There are a couple of warning signs that can help to identify an online job scam. If you find a job that is too good to be true it probably is. You have to be skeptical if a job contacts you about career with little work and a lot of pay.

Another is if the job asks you to reveal private or confidential information then be wary. Jobs should not be asking you for your bank accounts or credit card information. Most likely they are just after your money instead of helping you make more.

Also, don’t let a vague job description fool you. A real job will ask you for specific requirements. Whereas a job description written by a scammer will make requirements broad so everyone feels they have a chance at it. When looking for online jobs make sure they ask for education, experiences or something of that nature.  

In the End…

For some people, making the adjustment to doing everything online can be pretty difficult. However, when done right it can be very rewarding. Online education can be a quicker way to earn a degree. There are many options of online programs to choose from. Online earning allows you to be your own boss and decide how you make your money. Remember to use your time wisely because you may not have a steady income. There are many stories that show that online work can be successful and many scams to keep you on your toes. Living the online life, in both education and work, can be a wild and unique experience.

Written by Andrew Whyte

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