How to start Selling Your Stuff online – The Guide

Want to make a quick buck? Are you a pack rat trying to make space? Do you have something you no longer want or need? If you said absolutely to any of these then this option for making money online is definitely for you. The option, of course, is selling your stuff online. Many of us have stuff that would be of more use to someone else so instead of just getting rid of it, why not sell it? Here are the steps to do that:

  • Choose an online marketplace
  • Snap a pic
  • Write a description
  • List your price

Now here are the steps in more detail.

Choose an online Marketplace

online marketplace

Let say you don’t have a blog, webinar or website to call your own. If that is the case then you will need to find a marketplace website you can use to sell your stuff on. Luckily, these are not hard to find. There are many, most notable are sites like AmazonEbay and Craigslist.

Snap a Pic

selling your stuff - snap a pic

Whatever you are sell must be in a good condition or people won’t buy it. This is why you have to take a picture of your item. Make sure you take multiple pictures and from different angles. It doesn’t matter if the item is big or small, take a picture. These are the pictures are what people will see in order for them to decide if the item is worth buying.

Write a Description

For this, your description doesn’t have to be flashy, just very detailed. This is important because there are some items that can look completely identical but have one small difference that can change the worth of the item to the customer entirely. Some customers may be looking for something specific so it is good to list all the details about your item. If not, then some people might not even bother considering what you are selling. For example, if you are sell a video game console, you have to be more specific than just the name. How many controllers come with the console? Has it been used a lot or a little? What version of the console is it? Are all the wires with the console? Is the console scratched or completely unmarked?

List Your Price

list your price

Selling your stuff in this step can vary depending on what online marketplace you use. Amazon has two selling plans. You can either create a monthly subscription if you plan on selling a lot of items or you can pay a set price for each item you wish to sell. Once you choose what seller account you want, you can create a product listing and price your product. On eBay, you can fill out a “sell your item” form. Once you do that you can list your item. Over at Craigslist, you must fill out posting information. Posting information consists of your location, contact information, price and description of item. You simply have to choose your preference on how you wish to sell.

Hope this article answered your questions.

Written by Andrew Whyte

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