How to be a successful Vlogger

People like to record videos of everything. Young people today watch videos on the internet more than they sit down to watch television. And there are videos of all types such as tutorials, skits, pranks, lectures and so on. Online videos are so popular that getting paid to record videos can be a good business. A vlog is online video and the focus of this guide. They, also known as video logs, are blogs created by recording videos. Here is a tutorial to making money through vlogging:

  • Get a camera
  • Create a channel
  • Film a vlog
  • Edit a vlog
  • Upload a vlog
  • Keep adding content (Repeat step 3 – 5)
  • Promote on social media
  • Monetize

Here are the detailed steps to success.

Get a Camera


Today, with the technological advancements, you can record vlogs from your phone. However, if this is something you want to do as a career, then it is best to get a quality camera.

Create a Channel

You need a place to publish the vlogs you film. Without a doubt the most popular place to do this is YouTube. According to BusinessInsider, YouTube has over one billion users every month. Creating your channel or account on YouTube is the best bet to getting as many people as you can to see your vlogs. Some of the most famous vloggers like Pewdiepie, Superwoman, Shane Dawson and RomanAtwood are on YouTube.

Film a Vlog

Film a vlog

The one thing that those famous vloggers have in common is that they vlog about something that people find interesting. In order to gain a big following, the theme or idea of your vlog have to be about something that people want to see. The vlogs you film should be entertaining and keep people invested.

Edit a Vlog

There are two ways you can do this step: you can edit your videos yourself or you can have someone else edit them for you. If you do it yourself then you’ll need  a video editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie and Final Cut Pro. If you have someone else to edit your videos then you will most likely have to pay from their services.   

Upload a Vlog

After you edit your vlogs, you can upload the video to your channel. Write a title and description for your vlog. Once it is uploaded, it is published for all to see.

Keep Adding Content

(Repeat step 3 – 5) Once you create a few videos, guess what…. Don’t stop! Film, edit, upload your vlogs then repeat. If you want to be a vlogger, then you have to continue to put out content for your viewers.

Promote on Social Media

promote on social media

With every vlog comes new promotion. Every time you make a new video, you can promote it on social media. Share your videos on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. Collaborating with popular guests and other YouTubers can also help raise popularity of your vlogs.


Once your subscriber base grows and you start getting more views it’s time to make some money. Apply to the YouTube Partnership Program so you can start earning money off of ads shown before or during your videos. Just be sure to not have copyrighted or too explicit content in your videos because it might cause your video to get demonetized.

Following these simple steps will help you off the ground in becoming a successful vlogger.

Written by Andrew Whyte

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