Guide to Making a Successful Blog

Making a blog can be an interesting way to create discussions with people online. They are websites that consists mostly of written content. Blogs are limitless in terms of topics they can be about. They can range from cooking to reviews to celebrity news among other subjects, and the best part about them is that they can be easy to start up. Here is your easy-to-follow guide to begin your journey as a blogger:

  • Pick a name
  • Register your blog
  • Select your theme
  • Write and publish posts
  • Gain an audience
  • Select money-making method

Don’t worry. Each step will be explained in more detail.

Pick a Name

Keep in mind, you aren’t just picking a name, but you are also picking your topic. Your name should be unique, descriptive and also relate to your topic. Remember, the topic can be about anything you wish to write about. Make sure it is something you can write about in detail.

Register Your Blog

Now to create a blog, you need to pick a blog website with WordPress being a highly recommended website for beginners. Next, you need a hosting site  that stores the files of your blog. BlueHost is a popular and easy-to-use hosting site. Once you create your content on a blog site and register it on a hosting site, you can move on to the next step.

Select Your Theme

This is the part where all the decorating and designing of your blog takes place. Look around your blog and see if you want to change anything in  terms of layout. Your content will start with a default template so do whatever it takes to change it up to your own preference. Give it a personal touch!

Write and Publish Posts

If writing is your passion, then this should be the easy part. This is what your content is all about. If you are using WordPress, there will be a default post to start you off. Delete it! You’re making your own blog after all. Once you are ready to publish, you can use BlueHost to do so. If you create your content on WordPress, there will be a “BlueHost” menu to launch and publish your blog on the website making it extremely convenient for you to publish your content.

Gain an Audience

gain an audience

After you have written some posts and it is published, it is time to start promoting it. Unfortunately, just because you have a blog doesn’t mean that you will have the amount of readers you’re hoping to take a look at it. You will have to devote time gaining an audience and  a great and simple way to do that is through social media. Promote your content on your social media accounts and ask your friends to help spread the word of your entry. Popular websites that have a lot of traffic and followers like Facebook and Twitter should be first on your list.

Select a Money-making Method

money making method

Having your own content means you can see how many people view it. When your content becomes popular, it’s possible to start making money for your hard work. When you write a blog you have several options on  how to make profit off of your writing such as selling products or services that people will see when they visit your web page. Another couple of methods  to getting paid are writing reviews for different products and  making a deal with advertising companies to sell space on your blog so that they can promote their items and products on your web page.

Hope this guide helps you to understand what exactly a blog is and what it takes to start one.

Written by Andrew Whyte

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